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Packing Up Your Closet – 4 Tips from Overland Park Movers

Packing Up Your Closet – 4 Tips from Overland Park Movers
Whether you’re moving to Overland Park or to/from the area, packing up the closets is the last thing most families think about.  You’re probably focused on moving furnishings, appliances, or those breakable items such as dishes or family heirlooms.  The fact is, if you don’t have a plan in place when it comes to packing up the closets it can be a much bigger headache than you imagine!  Our Overland Park movers have a few tips to make it easier.
First of all, eliminate the things you won’t use.  Whether it’s clothes that no longer fit, shoes or handbags that are worn out or out of style, or other items, get rid of it by either throwing it away or donating it to those less fortunate.
Use everything you have that’s useful for packing clothes.  Clothes take up far less room when rolled instead of folded, and you can put them in luggage, dresser drawers, or even storage totes for the move.  No need for dozens of boxes!
Get organized.  Depending on the season, there are some items of clothing you’ll want to keep separate from those you won’t use for a while.  For the things you won’t be wearing for months, pack them up ahead of time.  Anything you don’t currently use can be packed up now so it’s all done when you come down to those final few days of packing.
Why take all of your hanging clothes off the hangers?  This is double trouble, and LOTS of work.  For items that normally hang in your closet, leave them on hangers and cover with large (lawn size) trash bags.  Just make a hole in the closed end of the bag, slip the hangers through it, and you’re done!  Clothes are protected, and you won’t have to spend hours at your new home putting them back on hangers.
Moving to a new home is exciting and fun, but it can also be stressful and involve more work that you anticipate.  At Metrowide Movers, our Overland Park residential movers have lots of tips – after all, moving is our business!  Contact us today for a free quote at 913-681-7700!

Overland Park Office Moving – Tips to Make it Seamless

Overland Park Office Moving – Tips to Make it Seamless
As trusted Overland Park commercial movers, we know moving offices can seem like an overwhelming task.  Considering box after box of paperwork and documents, desks, printers, computers, scanners, and other items, how can you possibly make it all go smoothly?  Consider the following.
To ensure everyone can get back to work as soon as the move is complete, be sure to take care of details such as updating company letterhead, contacting those involved with your computer services, vendor contracts, and switching utilities if you have to such as telephone, cable, Internet, etc.
Study the moving company’s contract to be certain of what they do or do not do.  For instance, will the company make arrangement for any items that need to be stored, or provide storage for you?  What about clean up and removal of trash/debris after the move?  It also makes moving the office much easier if elevators and entrances are secured during loading at the old office, and unloading at the new place.  Also consider who will obtain any permits that are necessary.
Computers, scanners, and other office equipment often contain information that’s not only important, but confidential.  This equipment is a large portion of your financial assets, so you may want to consider logistics professionals for set up, any specialized integration or technology merges, etc.  If you lease office equipment, the leasing company will usually be required to move the item.
Last but not least, make sure your OP commercial movers are licensed, insured, and bonded, that they have great references, and experience with moving offices similar to yours in terms of size and equipment.  When it comes to moving companies, it’s always a good idea to do your homework and check them out thoroughly.
At Metrowide Movers we’re dedicated to your satisfaction!  Get a free quote by visiting our website, or call us at 913-681-7700.

Moving Long Distance to or from the Overland Park Area? 

Moving from one state to another or even across the country can be a huge undertaking.  At Metro Wide Moving, our Overland Park movers want to make the move as easy and stress-free as possible.  We have a few suggestions we think you’ll appreciate!
First, a few packing tips.  Take an inventory of your belongings, and determine which to keep or get rid of.  You’ll also want to get packaging to prevent damage of breakables such as mirrors, antiques, or electronics.  Start packing several weeks ahead of time, even months in advance for those items you rarely use or only during certain seasons.  It’s also important to clearly label cartons or boxes according to contents and the room/area it should be placed in when you arrive at your new home.  Be sure to pack things you use on a daily basis separately so they’ll be easy to access such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, clothing, medications, the coffee maker, and other basics. 
Now for the actual long-distance move.  You’ll find it very useful to make a master “to-do” list so that you know what to take care of two or three months in advance, and what can wait until that last week or two prior to your move.  Also be sure to set up utilities at your new home, and have those at your old home shut off at the right time.  You’ll want to submit a change-of-address form to the post office to ensure you receive your mail at your new address, and perhaps have friends or family members help you on moving day.  It never hurts to have extra hands on board! 
Last, find ways to keep your children occupied.  It’s usually best to have young children stay with a family member or friend on moving day, not only for their own safety but your peace of mind.
At Metro Wide Movers, our Overland Park moving professionals want to help make your long distance move as seamless and stress-free as possible.  For more information or to schedule your move, contact us today!

Tips for Moving a Piano

Tips for Moving a Piano
As you can imagine, moving a baby grand or upright piano can be a real chore, whether you’re moving across town in Overland Park or moving across the country.  Considering their value and bulk/weight, it’s important to take care throughout the move.  We have a few pointers that will help make the transition easier.
Depending on whether you’re moving an upright or baby grand piano, it may be possible for professional movers to fit the piano through a door, or it may require something more inventive – even moving it through a large window using a crane in some cases if it’s a grand piano.  You may want to speak with professionals with experience moving pianos if you’re concerned about how to exit the home with the instrument safely.
  • Before it’s ever moved, take other furnishings out of the way.  You need a clear path!
  • Protect the finish by covering your piano with non-slip blankets secured with flexible cords.
  • Make sure the lid is locked, as the move could be bumpy and result in damage.
  • Make sure your moving company secures the protected piano upon loading, as even the slightest movement can result in damage you may not see right away.
  • Heavy-duty furniture straps are best for securing your piano, so avoid using cargo straps when possible.
  • The legs of a piano are the most fragile component, so be sure to remove them prior to moving.  This also makes moving the piano through more narrow spaces easier.
  • Consider what you’re wearing.  If you’re helping move the piano yourself, you don’t want to wear loose clothing that could get caught on it as you’re loading or unloading.  Additionally, you want to wear shoes that are slip-proof to avoid a potentially dangerous accident.
  • Know the precise measurements before you begin moving your piano.  After the legs are removed, measure the piano’s length and width so you’ll know before you begin the laborious task whether it will fit down the hallway, through specific doors, around a corner, etc.  No need to waste your effort and energy unnecessarily!
It’s extremely important to focus on safety when moving a piano.  Planning a move in the Overland Park area?  At Metrowide Movers, our KS residential movers are experienced, skilled, and dedicated to your satisfaction.
Call today if we can help you with your Overland Park move.

Overland Park Moving: Homeowners going ‘green’ after the move

As a trusted Overland Park  moving company we know that in recent years more and more people have become concerned about the environment, and how they can reduce their carbon footprints. If you’re someone who is moving to the area and wondering how you can not only enjoy your new home but a more eco-friendly way of life, we have a few tips for you!
First, know how important it is to have Energy Star products in your home.  From refrigerators, stoves, and laundry machines to your HVAC system and more, these products consumer less energy and save you approximately 30% on utility costs!
When shopping, BYOB (bring your own bag).  Many supermarkets and retail stores today give customers plastic bags when checking out, bad for the environment!  Instead, take your own shopping bag(s) along.  Also, ask if you can recycle some boxes for them.  Instead of buying new boxes for your move, use the leftovers from supermarkets.
Switch from traditional light bulbs to CFL bulbs, which consume up to 2/3 less energy, not to mention saving you money on purchasing light bulbs several times each year since many last for 8 or 10 years.
Do low-flow shower heads really make a difference?  Absolutely.  Today, conserving water is more important than ever.  Most people don’t realize how much water they use taking a shower, but it’s much more than you’d think.  Try out this test:  Using a one gallon bucket, direct the water from the shower head into the bucket.  Does it fill up in 20 seconds or less?  If so, you’re wasting an incredible amount of a precious natural resource.  Consider a low-flow or efficient shower head, and save $175 or more every year on you water bill – not to mention the water you won’t waste.
At Metrowide Movers, we know owning a new home in the Overland Park, KS area involves more than moving in and making yourself comfortable!  You want to do your part to lower energy and water consumption while saving money.  If you need experienced residential movers you can trust to move your belongings as if they were your own, contact us today.
Call the experienced Overland Park Moving company today at 913-681-7700.

Moving to a New Home in Overland Park?

Moving to a New Home in Overland Park?  Don’t Forget to Take Care of These Tasks!
As a trusted Overland Park residential moving company, we understand moving to a new home is an exciting and fun time.  It’s also stressful, with so many things to try to remember and do prior to moving day.  You may have made a  list of things to do before you make the move, but there are a few tasks most new homeowners often forget in the midst of their excitement and anticipation.  Not to worry, we’re sharing the ‘reminders’ below!
Don’t forget to pack the necessities separate.  Nothing’s worse than arriving at your new home only to find you can’t locate the toothpaste, shampoo, or medications.  What about the paper plates, Styrofoam cups, and other utensils you may need that first day you arrive?
Be sure to visit the U.S. Postal Service website to change your address.  It’s a good idea to take care of this at least two weeks prior to moving so that you don’t have a gap in service or miss any important mail/correspondence that may not get forwarded.
Cancel recurring subscriptions.  Whether a magazine subscription or membership to the local gym, it’s important to cancel ongoing memberships or subscriptions while you’re in the process of moving in order to save money.  Keep in mind that some subscriptions/memberships require you cancel 30 days in advance to avoid additional charges.
Inform your car insurance provider of your move.  While you give your provider your new address and other info, it’s a good time to review your policy.
Take photos of how televisions, modems, computers, video game consoles, and other electronics are hooked up.  Unless you’re an electronics whiz, you’ll be happy to make the task of hooking these items back up properly in your new home easier and less stressful.  You may also want to reign in the cords and coil them neatly when packing to avoid the frustration of ‘detangling.’
At Metrowide Movers, our Overland Park movers are professionals who take care with your possessions, and who go the extra mile to ensure a smooth transition.  Contact us today for your residential moving needs!

Moving to a New Home in Overland Park? Packing Tips to Make the Move Easier


Moving to a new home is exciting and fun, but packing – not so much.  If you have lots of “stuff” staring you in the face, it can be hard to know where to start.  As experienced Overland Park residential movers, we have a few packing tips to help make the dreaded chore easier.


  • Ÿ  Get started.  It’s easy to think “why do today what I can put off until tomorrow,” but this only prolongs the inevitable.  The truth is, you should start packing a couple of weeks prior to your move.  In doing so, you can go at a slower pace and pack a couple of boxes each day rather than being faced with packing dozens of boxes a day or two before the move.
  • Ÿ  Pack up one room at a time.  Throwing things from several rooms into a single box is only going to result in chaos when you arrive at your new home.  Pack each room separately, and label the cartons/boxes clearly with the room and content description. 
  • Ÿ  Transport heirlooms and valuables yourself.  It isn’t a good idea to move legal documents, family heirlooms, or extremely valuable goods on a moving truck.  There are certain things you can move in your own vehicle, which may even help you avoid boxing everything you own up.
  • Ÿ  Protect breakable items.  For dishes, ceramic or glass knick-knacks, or other breakable items, use plenty of paper bunched up in between the items as padding.  It’s also a good idea to stack plates on their sides with padding in between, rather than flat in the box.
  • Ÿ  Use quilted furniture pads for protection of larger items.  A large mirror for a dresser, expensive art for the walls, televisions – larger breakable items that are too large for boxes should be carefully wrapped with quilted furniture pads for protection.
  • Ÿ  Use boxes designed for moving rather than dirty boxes from the supermarket, and put heavier items in smaller boxes for easier lifting. 


For more tips or help with your Overland Park residential moving needs, contact Metrowide Movers today at 913-681-7700 or visit us online at

Preparing for the Movers on Moving Day

Moving day is coming soon.   You did your research, got the quote, and chose your mover.  Move day is verified and you are waiting for the moving company to arrive.  What else do you need to do?

These tips will help you prepare for your best move.


Secure jewelry, prescriptions, financials, and other important items.

There are some items that you should move on your own.  Have these items locked in the trunk of your car, or in a room closed marked “do not move.”  You don’t want the movers to touch these items.

Moves involving elevators

Your move consultant will have a good idea of how long you move should take.  It is a great idea to reserve the elevator in order to speed up your move.  Most of the time you need to let the landlord know ahead of time.

Urban Moves

As city dwellers know, street parking is usually at a premium.  Moving trucks are generally going to have a 20-26 foot box. This means you need roughly three car spaces. If parking is hard to come by, try to reserve it by getting a permit, or using your own vehicles to occupy the spaces until movers arrive.

Refrigerators and Freezers

When moving these major appliances, it is a good idea to have them unplugged to thaw and clean 48hours before your move.  This can also save potential problems down the road from mold or mildew.

Other tips

Having all items unplugged and ready to go helps the movers speed up.  Sheets and blankets off the beds, flat screen TV’s in the original box, dressers cleared, and all boxes taped shut are just a few basics.

This all seems like a lot of things to get done, but if you do these little things a few weeks in advance it can save you a lot of headaches.



Tips for Choosing a Commercial Mover

Moving a small business or corporate office from Olathe to Overland Park or from any location in the Kansas City area to another can be a huge undertaking, not to mention stressful and time consuming. You have likely considered a commercial moving company, considering all of the office equipment, electronics, furniture, boxes of files, filing cabinets, and other things you have to move. The question is, are all Kansas City commercial moving companies alike, and how do you choose which one is suitable for your needs? Continue reading