Hourly Rate Movers

It is a simple fact that most commercial and residential movers in the Overland Park area operate on an hourly rate pricing structure. At Metro Wide Movers, we believe that home and business owners in Olathe, Prairie Village, Mission, Shawnee, Lenexa, Leawood, Mission Hills, and other nearby cities should be able to choose an hourly rate option and not get taken to the cleaners, so to speak. Our professional movers are skilled, trained, and dedicated to doing the work – not standing around and wasting time in order to get a bigger paycheck. In fact, our employees are paid not on the number of hours worked, but on how efficiently and safely they perform.

Some home and business owners in the Overland Park area simply prefer an hourly rate move as opposed to a fixed rate move, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Which option you choose depends on your unique situation, for instance the time of day you intend to move, whether it is a weekday or over the weekend, distance you are moving, and more.

Selecting an hourly rate moving option makes it possible for home and business owners in the Overland Park area to keep close tabs on the cost, and how efficiently the company is getting the job done. Residential and commercial customers are more likely to keep up with the progress being made and billable hours when choosing hourly rate moving. The only disadvantage if you are a home or business owner moving from Olathe to Leawood or Lenexa to Shawnee is how heavy traffic is or the occurrence of an accident that could tie up the movers for hours.

Consider all of the factors that will affect the time your move takes before choosing an hourly rate or fixed rate move. For example, if access to the loading/unloading area is difficult, it will take a bit longer to complete the move. This may be the case in situations where you live in an upstairs apartment, or your business office is located in a high-rise building where it will be necessary to use elevators to move your belongings. All of these things take additional time; also consider the property to be moved that may be particularly bulky or heavy.

At Metro Wide Movers, you can rely on outstanding service at a reasonable cost regardless of whether your choose an hourly rate move, as we provide competitive rates and remain focused on protecting your property, while making the move as quickly as possible. Our professional movers will never be found goofing off, simply because this is not the way we conduct business. Call us today for a stress-free, affordable moving experience.