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Moving to the Overland Park Area?  Hiring Residential Movers

Moving to the Overland Park Area?  What to Avoid When Hiring Residential Movers


Whether you’re moving just a few miles or across the country to the Overland Park area, there are certain things you should avoid when hiring full service movers.  Most people don’t want to make the move on their own, because it’s a huge undertaking – and driving a U-Haul truck or pulling a trailer isn’t as easy as you may think.  As a trusted Overland Park moving company, we have a few tips we think you’ll find useful when hiring professional movers.


First, never hire the company before they understand your move.  It’s important that the movers know everything you have to move and the circumstances (upstairs, multi-levels, etc.) before you can expect an accurate estimate on how much the move will cost. Don’t just guess and hire based on hourly rates without discussing details.


Next, don’t fail to obtain quotes from a handful of moving companies.  It’s important not only to compare costs and services, but learn of prior clients’ experience with the company.  Doing a little research will save you money and heartache in the end!


Finally, go online and check out the better business ratings.  Once you identify a few moving company you are looking to hire check them out here. www.bbb.org/kansas-city You will be surprised to find out all the complaints some moving companies have even though the google reviews look great.


Going the cheapest route isn’t always best.  It’s natural to want to use the mover who’s least expensive, however when you come across a moving company whose rates are substantially less than most others, it could be a warning sign!  When an “alleged” moving company offers super-low rates, certain free services or other specials, it could be an indication they are rogue movers.  In other words, dishonest scoundrels.


Metrowide Movers are the Overland Park movers you can trust with everything that’s most important to you.  Get a free fixed price quote now on our website, or call us at 913-681-7700.

Overland Park Moving: Homeowners going ‘green’ after the move

As a trusted Overland Park  moving company we know that in recent years more and more people have become concerned about the environment, and how they can reduce their carbon footprints. If you’re someone who is moving to the area and wondering how you can not only enjoy your new home but a more eco-friendly way of life, we have a few tips for you!
First, know how important it is to have Energy Star products in your home.  From refrigerators, stoves, and laundry machines to your HVAC system and more, these products consumer less energy and save you approximately 30% on utility costs!
When shopping, BYOB (bring your own bag).  Many supermarkets and retail stores today give customers plastic bags when checking out, bad for the environment!  Instead, take your own shopping bag(s) along.  Also, ask if you can recycle some boxes for them.  Instead of buying new boxes for your move, use the leftovers from supermarkets.
Switch from traditional light bulbs to CFL bulbs, which consume up to 2/3 less energy, not to mention saving you money on purchasing light bulbs several times each year since many last for 8 or 10 years.
Do low-flow shower heads really make a difference?  Absolutely.  Today, conserving water is more important than ever.  Most people don’t realize how much water they use taking a shower, but it’s much more than you’d think.  Try out this test:  Using a one gallon bucket, direct the water from the shower head into the bucket.  Does it fill up in 20 seconds or less?  If so, you’re wasting an incredible amount of a precious natural resource.  Consider a low-flow or efficient shower head, and save $175 or more every year on you water bill – not to mention the water you won’t waste.
At Metrowide Movers, we know owning a new home in the Overland Park, KS area involves more than moving in and making yourself comfortable!  You want to do your part to lower energy and water consumption while saving money.  If you need experienced residential movers you can trust to move your belongings as if they were your own, contact us today.
Call the experienced Overland Park Moving company today at 913-681-7700.

Moving to a New Home in Overland Park?

Moving to a New Home in Overland Park?  Don’t Forget to Take Care of These Tasks!
As a trusted Overland Park residential moving company, we understand moving to a new home is an exciting and fun time.  It’s also stressful, with so many things to try to remember and do prior to moving day.  You may have made a  list of things to do before you make the move, but there are a few tasks most new homeowners often forget in the midst of their excitement and anticipation.  Not to worry, we’re sharing the ‘reminders’ below!
Don’t forget to pack the necessities separate.  Nothing’s worse than arriving at your new home only to find you can’t locate the toothpaste, shampoo, or medications.  What about the paper plates, Styrofoam cups, and other utensils you may need that first day you arrive?
Be sure to visit the U.S. Postal Service website to change your address.  It’s a good idea to take care of this at least two weeks prior to moving so that you don’t have a gap in service or miss any important mail/correspondence that may not get forwarded.
Cancel recurring subscriptions.  Whether a magazine subscription or membership to the local gym, it’s important to cancel ongoing memberships or subscriptions while you’re in the process of moving in order to save money.  Keep in mind that some subscriptions/memberships require you cancel 30 days in advance to avoid additional charges.
Inform your car insurance provider of your move.  While you give your provider your new address and other info, it’s a good time to review your policy.
Take photos of how televisions, modems, computers, video game consoles, and other electronics are hooked up.  Unless you’re an electronics whiz, you’ll be happy to make the task of hooking these items back up properly in your new home easier and less stressful.  You may also want to reign in the cords and coil them neatly when packing to avoid the frustration of ‘detangling.’
At Metrowide Movers, our Overland Park movers are professionals who take care with your possessions, and who go the extra mile to ensure a smooth transition.  Contact us today for your residential moving needs!