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Overland Park Office Moving – Tips to Make it Seamless

Overland Park Office Moving – Tips to Make it Seamless
As trusted Overland Park commercial movers, we know moving offices can seem like an overwhelming task.  Considering box after box of paperwork and documents, desks, printers, computers, scanners, and other items, how can you possibly make it all go smoothly?  Consider the following.
To ensure everyone can get back to work as soon as the move is complete, be sure to take care of details such as updating company letterhead, contacting those involved with your computer services, vendor contracts, and switching utilities if you have to such as telephone, cable, Internet, etc.
Study the moving company’s contract to be certain of what they do or do not do.  For instance, will the company make arrangement for any items that need to be stored, or provide storage for you?  What about clean up and removal of trash/debris after the move?  It also makes moving the office much easier if elevators and entrances are secured during loading at the old office, and unloading at the new place.  Also consider who will obtain any permits that are necessary.
Computers, scanners, and other office equipment often contain information that’s not only important, but confidential.  This equipment is a large portion of your financial assets, so you may want to consider logistics professionals for set up, any specialized integration or technology merges, etc.  If you lease office equipment, the leasing company will usually be required to move the item.
Last but not least, make sure your OP commercial movers are licensed, insured, and bonded, that they have great references, and experience with moving offices similar to yours in terms of size and equipment.  When it comes to moving companies, it’s always a good idea to do your homework and check them out thoroughly.
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