Tips for Choosing a Commercial Mover

Moving a small business or corporate office from Olathe to Overland Park or from any location in the Kansas City area to another can be a huge undertaking, not to mention stressful and time consuming. You have likely considered a commercial moving company, considering all of the office equipment, electronics, furniture, boxes of files, filing cabinets, and other things you have to move. The question is, are all Kansas City commercial moving companies alike, and how do you choose which one is suitable for your needs?

First of all, ask around and do a little research.

Have all of your staff members ask friends and family members if they have had experience with a moving company they would recommend. Even better, go online and look up the name of any commercial moving service you are considering to see if you can find customer reviews or opinions. Social media is another way to find out about a company you are considering. It isn’t enough to go to the Yellow Pages and just “pick” one! This method may leave you highly disappointed.

When you do find a company you are interested in, have an in-depth conversation with someone in an administrative position. What services does the company offer, and are they licensed and insured? When you are moving your office from one location to another, you want to make sure that the employees who actually do the moving are trained and dedicated to protecting your property throughout the move. Too many commercial moving companies in the Kansas City area hire employees to load up boxes into moving trucks and do the “heavy lifting” based on their size and strength, rather than their ability.

Find out what services the company offers, such as packing materials, boxes, extra padding for delicate or fragile items, etc. For instance, at Metro Wide Movers our commercial movers do it all, from pad wrapping to moving a single item or one room if the customer prefers. What makes us different from many other companies is that we customize our solutions to the customer’s needs.

Last but not least, does the company provide the necessary equipment to make the move seamless? Dollies, clean, well-maintained moving trucks and equipment – all of these things are important to make your move as easy, quick, and stress-free as possible. You and your staff will be back at work in no time, instead of spending days or weeks with little productivity. Call the professionals at Metro Wide Movers, and put your mind at ease.