Tips for Moving a Piano

Tips for Moving a Piano
As you can imagine, moving a baby grand or upright piano can be a real chore, whether you’re moving across town in Overland Park or moving across the country.  Considering their value and bulk/weight, it’s important to take care throughout the move.  We have a few pointers that will help make the transition easier.
Depending on whether you’re moving an upright or baby grand piano, it may be possible for professional movers to fit the piano through a door, or it may require something more inventive – even moving it through a large window using a crane in some cases if it’s a grand piano.  You may want to speak with professionals with experience moving pianos if you’re concerned about how to exit the home with the instrument safely.
  • Before it’s ever moved, take other furnishings out of the way.  You need a clear path!
  • Protect the finish by covering your piano with non-slip blankets secured with flexible cords.
  • Make sure the lid is locked, as the move could be bumpy and result in damage.
  • Make sure your moving company secures the protected piano upon loading, as even the slightest movement can result in damage you may not see right away.
  • Heavy-duty furniture straps are best for securing your piano, so avoid using cargo straps when possible.
  • The legs of a piano are the most fragile component, so be sure to remove them prior to moving.  This also makes moving the piano through more narrow spaces easier.
  • Consider what you’re wearing.  If you’re helping move the piano yourself, you don’t want to wear loose clothing that could get caught on it as you’re loading or unloading.  Additionally, you want to wear shoes that are slip-proof to avoid a potentially dangerous accident.
  • Know the precise measurements before you begin moving your piano.  After the legs are removed, measure the piano’s length and width so you’ll know before you begin the laborious task whether it will fit down the hallway, through specific doors, around a corner, etc.  No need to waste your effort and energy unnecessarily!
It’s extremely important to focus on safety when moving a piano.  Planning a move in the Overland Park area?  At Metrowide Movers, our KS residential movers are experienced, skilled, and dedicated to your satisfaction.
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